Denissimo Balsamico

Made from Trebbianno grape must, naturally carmelized and cooked down to an even greater extent, and aged for EVEN longer in the traditional "Batteria" of Modena.  It contains less than 1% barrel aged Italian red wine vinegar for pro-biotic effect and slowly ages in five different casks comprised of mulberry, ash, oak, juniper, and cherry wood.  This exquisite and exceedingly rare 1.36 density balsamic is extremely complex boasting flavor notes of cherry wood, dried fruits, raisins, and figs, along with hints of dark chcolate and malt.  Serve with your finest cheese plate, drizzle over melon or berries, use as a finishing glaze for roasted meats or poultry, adorn your grilled vegetables, make your desserts swoon.  There isn't any culinary application in which this balsamic won't shine. 

Pairings: Any varietal, infused, or fused olive oil

Denissimo Balsamico
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