Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy)

A coveted variety native to Sicily!  This Nocellara has a lovely, disctinct fruity aroma and floral hints.  Pungent and spicy with slight, fleeting bitterness.  This oil had middle notes of creamy green almond, artichoke as well as confectionary notes.  A perfect choice for those that crave a little bite and fruitiness in one.


Biophenols:  307.6                      FFA:  0.26

Oleic Acid:  72.4                         Peroxide: 5.3

DAGs:  92.1                               PPP:  less than 1.0


Fruitiness:  5.5       Bitterness: 3.0        Pungency:  4-5


Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy)
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