Soberdough Beer Bread

The easiest and most delicious bread you can make- pour, stir, then bake!  Vegan and kosher as well as soy, dairy, oil, and nut free!  Available in Rosemary and Garlic, both perfect for dipping in either our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil or any of our varietal EVOO's mixed with our Classic Italian Spice Blend.

Rosemary Soberdough:   Rosemary blends herbs and fresh cracked pepper for a whirlwind of flavor. This bread will be a wonderful complement to your favorite Italian dish, or a great bread to snack on with some olive oil. Take your taste buds on a tour of the Italian countryside with Rosemary. Suggested Brews: standard beers (Bud, Michelob), Pale Ales, American Lagers and Hefeweizers, Club Soda


Roasted Garlic Soberdough: This bread with it's fragrant roasted garlic and herbs makes for an incredible bite. Perfect for any meal and dipping in olive oil. Suggested Brews: standard beers (Bud, Michelob), Pale Ales, Pilsners, American Lagers, Club Soda


Roasted Garlic and Cheese Soberdough:  The same warm roasted garlic and herb blend with a cheesy twist.  The best choice for a sidekick for any meal.  Suggested Brews:  Standard Domestic Beers, Pale Ales, American Lagers, Club soda.


Apple Fritter Soberdough:  A sweet bread including apple chunks and a cinnamon swirl makes this the perfect bread for any breakfast or as a dessert with ice cream.  Suggested Brews:  Hard Cider, Apple Ales, Brown Ales, American Lagers, or Sweet Stouts.  


Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Soberdough:  A savory delight, this bread makes a great side with its subtle salt and pepper incased in the richness that is Soberdough.  Suggested Brews:  Standard Domestic, Pale Ales, Brown Ales, and American Lagers.


Soberdough Beer Bread
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